The RGS crew spreads some holiday cheer by looking at Sega's bastard child, the 32X add-on for the Genesis. We look at 10 games for this unusual system, talk about the challenge in hooking it up, Jeff embarks on the wondrous journey called marriage, and we interview our good friend Quan about the Blinking Light Win NES project currently on Kickstarter. It's the most wonderful time of the year!

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It's clobberin' time as we change into our super-hero alter-egos and do battle with some of the most infamous super-villains to ever grace the pages of comic books, discuss the height of and imminent demise of the phenomenon of midnight video game launches, and the squad gets uncomfortable as all that spandex begins to chafe our thighs.

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Taking a journey into the past, we conquer the kingdom of medieval-themed games, Jeff offers up a special blue pill and spell for those with inadequate swords, we discuss moments in gaming that gave us an emotional response, and find out just how resilient Fabio's face really is.

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Celebrating our second anniversary with another mammoth-sized episode, we’re joined by Nick of RetroNick Radio in paying tribute to the under-appreciated Sega Saturn. Covering ten games on this beloved platform, we also discuss the system’s strengths, weaknesses, cover some collecting tips for the platform, and Nick schools us in a lesson in filthy jokes.

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It's time to rev up your engines as we race onto the track in 3 dimensions with another look at racing games, the squad talks about its experience at Video Games Live, we go over some of the more bizarre gaming peripherals out there, and Jeff loses his mind upon learning about the Rez Trance Vibrator.

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Donning our swim trunks and flippers, we plunge head-first in some games that take place on or under water, discuss how the culture of renting video games has changed over the years & shaped our tastes as gamers, and Jeff delights in the fact that he has crabs.

Direct download: RGS_023.output.mp3
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Chaos erupts as the past clashes with the present as Dinosaurs invade our world with a mighty roar, Jeff & Jon try their hand at Name That Tune (Round 2), and Jeff attempts to con Alex into buying him a Neo-Geo. RAWR!

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Fantasy and magic collide as we gain XP and level up while playing some role-playing games, Amanda joins us to drop some RPG knowledge, we go over the pros and cons of system-link gaming, and discover Santa Claus' sinister alter-ego.

Direct download: RGS_021.output.mp3
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Get out your spy gadgets and bowtie as we go under cover and experience the danger and thrills of virtual espionage, talk about the various gaming compilations available on home consoles, and Jon lets his inner sadist shine through by making Alex play yet another contemptible game.

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Get your quarters ready as we bask in the amazing 2D goodness of one of the most amazing pieces of arcade and home gaming hardware to ever be produced, the Neo-Geo! Join us as we explore some of its rich library, talk about the system's various incarnations, interview Quan Nguyen, designer of the Omega Entertainment Machine, and Jeff & Jon explain that it's possible to set chicken bones ablaze at Medieval Times.

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It's cyborg versus cyborg as we tackle the two greatest cybernetic icons to emerge out of the 80's & 90's and endure all the horrid games they've come to punish us with, Amanda joins the crew to talk up some Zombies ate my Neighbors and to play a little video game trivia while Jeff talks his way into sleeping in the doghouse.

Direct download: RGS_018.output.mp3
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It is time to drive the final nail in the coffin! In our return to the world of Castlevania we fight off Dracula's minions in the 16-bit, 32-bit, and 64-bit entries in the iconic franchise, look back at last year's topics & vote on our favourite retro game of 2013, and continue to gorge ourselves on delicious wall chicken.

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