For our final podcast of 2015, the RGS crew takes a look at some games that try to improve upon their predecessors with games such as Super C, Samurai Shodown II, and Jet Moto 2, and capping it off with the excellent Klonoa: Door to Phantomile as our last community pick of the year. Also, Jeff warns us to watch out for the Krampus.

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Getting in the groove, the squad explores games centered on music or musicians. Included in this medley are titles such as Michael Jackson's Moonwalker, Tempo, and Parappa The Rapper. Greg also discovers a guitar legend, and the squad unanimously votes against collect-a-thons.

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With Halloween upon us, we set out into the world of vampires, ghosts, and gruesome demons on our quest to play some frightful horror games. Included are grisly games such as Ghouls 'N Ghosts, Splatterhouse, & Clock tower, and Alex scares his N64 to near-death.

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In celebration of our third anniversary, we dedicate ourselves to Sega's red and black wonder, the Master System. Covering games such as Alex Kidd, Space Harrier, & Wonder Boy III, we also delve into the system's history & capabilities, analyze why it was a success in some markets but not in others, and try to figure out where the heck the pause button is.

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Forced to sit uncomfortably close to each other, the squad sets out to experience the joys of multiplayer gaming. Covered are games such as Gauntlet II, Saturn Bomberman, and Mario Party 3. We also talk about our favourite memories of couch co-op gaming, the crew gets inspired to do some cow launching thanks to a famous earthworm.

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Skipping our usual theme for this episode, the crew instead indulges themselves by picking whatever games they want, enabling Jon to torment Alex with his selections. Among our choices are Skitchin', Claymates, and Donkey Kong Country, and we unanimously agree that punching bullets in Shatterhand is one of the coolest things we've seen in a while.

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It's time to give the ladies their fair recognition as we play some games starring some kick-ass women. With the likes of Metroid II, Mischief Makers, Tomb Raider, and Shantae, these ladies deliver some quality titles. We also play another round of video game trivia, and the entire squad unanimously agrees that Risky Boots is one of the coolest names in gaming.

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Inspired by the ritual of Saturday morning cartoons, the crew brings back memories of their childhoods by playing video games based on television cartoons. In the lineup are Biker Mice from Mars, Scooby-Doo, the Rescue Rangers, and more. Jeff also makes it known that soggy cereal is a crime against humanity, and we find another contemptible game to shun.

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It's time once again to charge ahead with blazing lasers as we take another shot at some great 16 and 32-bit shoot-'em-ups, featuring Steel Empire, Lords of Thunder, Radiant Silvergun, and more. We also discover that Jeff has a bizarre fear and fascination with blimps & zeppelins, and who in our crew prefers their action to be horizontal or vertical.


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Going from cabinets to consoles, the squad takes a look at arcade games ported to home systems, the crew and some of our listeners reminisce about our favourite memories involving arcades, and Greg & Alex explain their irrational obsession with & conquests in NBA Hangtime.

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Taking a look at what could have been, the crew tries out some games that were cancelled before they got an official release, Alex stumps Jeff & Jon in another round of "Name That Tune", and we discover that StarFox's Andross is really Dr. Zaius in disguise.

Direct download: RGS_030.output.mp3
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It's time for us to charge up our mega-buster and take a look at the iconic Mega Man series, look back at our favourite topics we covered last year, decide upon & announce our retro game of 2014, and the RGS crew proves why it's never safe to name anyone or anything after a certain planet when juvenile minds are involved.

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