To cap off 2018, we turn our focus to Capcom, one of the most popular publishers in the "retro" era. Delving into this company's history, we also take a look at some of its iconic titles, such as Bionic Commando, Duck Tales, and Saturday Night Slam Masters. We also crown our "Retro Game of 2018", and Jeff's facial hair gets some cowboy influence.

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Celebrating our 6th anniversary by embarking on another quest, we give RPG's a second chance. Discussion includes 4 epics; Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete, Robotrek, Paper Mario, and Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure. We also play another round of trivia, and Alex explains who "The Littlest Hobo" is.

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Getting slightly out of our "retro" comfort zone, we pay our respects to one of Nintendo's dominant handhelds; the Game Boy Advance. Discussion includes games such as Astro Boy: Omega Factor, Metroid: Zero Mission, Drill Dozer and more, all while trying to figure out what the definition of "shovelware" really is.

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Our fearless trio wonders if the third time is indeed the charm by looking at "Three-quels", aka the third entry in video game franchises. Covered are games such as Super Metroid, Streets of Rage 3, Tekken 3 & more. We also belatedly crown our best retro games of 2016 and 2017, and question whether a toddler gorilla can be a worthy hero.

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Guest host Chris Alaimo of Classic Gaming Quarterly joins us to talk about and appreciate the music of the shoot-'em-up genre. Sampling tracks from Life Force, Gun.Smoke, Lords of Thunder and more, there's plenty of thumping tunes to help you blast some evil space monsters.

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