Feeling adventurous, we put a bow on 2021 by checking out some “darling” action-adventure games such as The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past, The Guardian Legend and Beyond Oasis. We also mull over our choices to crown our Retro Game of The Year, and Greg tells us about the time his indifference to the N-Gage resulted in cold, hard cash.

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Retro Nick returns to share his dirty humour and vast PC Engine knowledge as we explore some of the lesser known titles on NEC’s diminutive console such as Spriggan, Kaze Kiri Ninja Action, Gotzendiener, and more. We also cover some of the new TurboGrafx-16 & PC Engine relevant hardware options out there, and delve into the history and lore of the greatest super-hero of them all: Bravoman!

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Joined by special guest Chris Alaimo of Classic Gaming Quarterly, we turn to the NES to discover new and unique games made for this iconic platform. Featuring discussion on games such as Micro Mages, Pac-Man C.E., Log Jammers, and more, we also offer a little insight into the growing homebrew scene, all while Jeff escapes the heat as Jeff does; shirtless.

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We commemorate our 64th episode of the show with a Jeff-centric look at the fun-tastic Nintendo 64. In addition to an in-depth overview of the hardware, we also cover games such as Super Mario 64, WipeOut 64 & WCW/NWO revenge, and turn up the nostalgia as our readers join us in sharing our favorite memories of the platform, all while Jeff issues multiple gaming challenges to be settled in his clubhouse.

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