Speeding towards the horizon, we turn our attention towards the On-Rails Shooter genre by taking aim at games such as Panzer Dragoon, Star Fox 64, Sin and Punishment, and more. We also deliberate over our Retro Game of 2019, and Jon proclaims that a certain F-Zero clone is more influential than it actually is.

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Celebrating our 7th anniversary with our biggest episode yet, we re-visit some games that we covered in the first year of our show, such as Powerslave, Galactic Attack, Alien Crush, and more. We also bring in our guest Alex (@retr0drift on Twitter) to educate us on restoring & repairing retro gaming hardware, and we wonder how long it would take a Ninja Turtle to surf from Key West to Manhattan.

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Lest we get pummeled by Segata Sanshiro himself, we dedicate another entire episode to Sega's 32-bit wonder, the mighty Sega Saturn. Covering unique titles such as Astal, Fighter's Megamix, Deep Fear, and more, we also talk about recent developments in the Saturn community, the current state of Saturn emulation, new ways to play Saturn games in 2019, and Jon shocks Jeff and Alex with a happy bombshell.

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Joined by returning guest Retro Nick, the squad unites to take on some cooperative games such as Dungeon Explorer II, Lost Vikings 2, Darius Gaiden and more. We also play (a hilarious) Round 4 of "Name That Tune", and Nick expresses his profound disdain for kale, KOTOR, and the PlayStation's lack of light gun standards.

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