The crew finishes off the year by having another look at modern games made in the "Retro" style by getting addicted to games such as Ion Fury, Xeno Crisis, Demon's Tilt, and more. We also talk about our favorite current-generation and retro games we played in 2020, and open a mysterious holiday gift from overseas.

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Alex hits the streets in this mini episode to offer an in-depth analysis of Streets of Rage 4. From the gameplay to the visuals, to hidden secrets and samples of this game's stellar soundtrack, no stone is left unturned as we aim to find out if this long-awaited sequel is a worthy entry in this well-beloved franchise.

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In honour of our 8th anniversary, we spend some time catching up, then delve into the world of Japanese import games. We discuss importing games back in the 90’s, some importing considerations to keep in mind, and examine games such as Gimmick, Pulseman & Hyper Duel. We also play another round of gaming trivia, and finally reveal our secret love for a certain “Weird Al” movie.

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In our first ever live episode, Jon gets us talking about the world of DOS gaming. Joined by some of our listeners, we discuss the shareware model prevalent during this time, and cover games such as Duke Nukem, Commander Keen, and (the polarizing) Blake Stone, all while anxiously waiting to see if Alex’s frustration results in a smashed keyboard.

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Jon takes the helm in this radio episode with selections from one of his favorite systems of all time; the beloved Super NES. Featuring tracks from Super Mario RPG, Chrono Trigger, Tetris Attack, and more, fans of Nintendo's 16-bit wonder will feel right at home with this one.

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Joined by Chris Alaimo of Classic Gaming Quarterly, we sample some of Sunsoft's 8-bit and 16-bit library to see if this company's reputation for stellar chiptunes still holds up (spoiler: yes, it does). We also explore some of Sunsoft's history and marvel at Naoki Kodaka's contributions to some truly iconic tunes.

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Given free reign to let his inner nerd shine, Jon's debut solo project is a bonus episode all about gaming with retro hardware in the 2020's. From new controller options, to video capture setups, and how to connect your consoles to modern displays (while trying to avoid pesky lag), everybody's favorite genius has got you covered.

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Resurrecting our long-dead radio series until our main show can resume production, we bring to you the outstanding music of the Panzer Dragoon Trilogy on the Sega Saturn, a testament to how artistic a series about laser-spitting dragons can truly be.

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