Celebrating our 10-year anniversary with a community-focused episode, we indulge in games such as DoDonPachi, Command & Conquer: Red Alert, Brunswick Circuit Pro Bowling, & more. We also get some feedback from our listeners in the form of letters & voicemails, take a stroll down memory lane by recounting how the squad met & the moments that led to the creation of the show, and Jeff ends up shirtless yet again.

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Dusting off our Memory Cards and DualShock controllers, the crew goes all in on the Sony PlayStation. Covering games such as Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, Omega Boost, Hot Shots Golf 2, and more, we also explore the different ways in which you can play PSX games in 2022, & detail some of the different hardware mods available to enhance your PlayStation experience, all with a side of tuna sandwich recipes.

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Saving countless kids from ennui during car rides and doctor's visits, the Nintendo Game Boy was a staple of handheld gaming, and we're here to talk about it. We discuss its hardware & impact on the industry, as well as games such as Hammerin’ Harry, Battle Unit Zeoth, and Chikyuu Kaihou Gun ZAS, all before Alex goes on a tirade upon seeing that one of his favorite games has been defiled.

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